Our Mission

Legacy Baseball was created to bring the best youth baseball players from across the globe to showcase their skills in front of top college scouts. Our invite-only tournaments ensure only top-notch athletes and prospective coaches are in attendance.

Legacy Baseball is an organization of professional baseball players, ex-professional baseball players, professional scouts, sports performance doctors, and medical professionals at the highest level. From our Major League coaching staff, 20 yr veterans of the game, and our extensive scouting bureau that recruit from across the globe, we provide the highest level of baseball the world has to offer.

Legacy Baseball is a step-by-step pathway that develops a youth player to love the game starting as early as ten years old and continuing through our high school and collegiate recruitment process. With all that our Legacy program provides, these youth can potentially reach the ultimate dream of becoming a major league player.

Look for our program across the United States beginning with our 10 to 14u Legacy baseball events. For some players, that leads to our Legacy international events that will begin in Albuquerque NM in late summer 2021 and wrap up in San Juan, Puerto Rico in November of 2021.

Albert Garza – Played With The Cleveland Indians

Michael Gonzalez

Efrain Lara

Our Legacy camps will be held throughout Central America, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, United States, and Guam.   These highly anticipated camps will be instructed by Major league coaches, cutting-edge sports performance doctors, and professional athletes educated in the game.  These are MUST ATTEND EVENTS!

Legacy International Events Las Cruces, NM


Legacy Baseball Events

Dec 4-5 Corpus Christi TX  
(10u, 11u, 12u, 13u and 14u),

March 21-25 2022 Phoenix, AZ 13u 14u International

Legacy Showcases:

December 29-January 1 Phoenix AZ ages 13u-18u.  

Legacy Baseball Winter Camp:

Dec 29th-Jan 1st Scottsdale AZ

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